90 days right of return

Love at first sight? With Lamp+, it could be just that. But like any relationship, whether it's between people or people and technology, it takes time to know if it's right for you. It is important to us that you can fully engage in this journey of discovery. And if you get cold feet on the way to the altar, we understand. You can return Lamp+ to us free of charge within 90 days. Because we understand that true connections take time.

Why 90 days?
The magic number 90 wasn't just pulled out of thin air. It's the perfect amount of time to get to know Lamp+ in depth. Our technology is innovative and groundbreaking, and depending on the person, it requires some time to experience it in its full depth. These 90 days allow you to embrace the new technology, experience its diverse capabilities and see how Lamp+ is changing your meeting culture.

We're here for you
But you are not alone on this exciting journey. Our team is at your side with advice and action. This return policy underscores our confidence in Lamp+ and our determination to put you at the heart of our mission. You should have the freedom to try Lamp+ and make the most of it.

Stay flexible with Lamp+
And while you explore Lamp+, remember: it's as versatile as you are. With options like MonteRosaOS Tailored Lamp+ can adapt to your rhythm. Flexibility is more important today than ever. Curious about how you can use Lamp+ even more flexibly? Check out Lamp+ accessories like «Stand» and discover how you can stay in the meeting flow anytime, anywhere with Lamp+.


More Insights

A proactive culture of innovation and the people who support it are considered the key to actively shaping the future of a company. 

In our digital world, it is increasingly important to stand out from the crowd and offer your customers something special.

Love at first sight? With Lamp+, it could be just that. But if you're on your way to the altar