Meetings without Lamp+

Meetings are an integral part of the business world, but all too often, they become a source of distraction and unproductivity. Laptops and smartphones dominate the table as participants stare into their screens, barely paying attention to each other. Looking at a distant wall or a small screen causes backaches and strains the eyes. But fear not, we have a solution: Lamp+, an innovative all-in-one device that transforms meetings into a more effective and enjoyable experience.

Distraction, poor vision and back pain
Meetings should be a place of creativity, collaboration, and productivity. However, they are often characterized by distracted participants who retreat into their own worlds. Posture suffers from staring at screens that are too far away or poorly positioned. The result is backaches, headaches, and less attention to what really matters. The meeting can't be over soon enough. 

The innovative solution 
To overcome this meeting dilemma, Abusizz has developed Lamp+, a combination of three products in one: a projected touchpad, individual room lighting, and crystal-clear sound, all floating in the room. This unique device is specifically designed for consultations and business meetings, revolutionizing the way meetings are conducted.

How Lamp+ works

With Lamp+, every meeting becomes a captivating and productive event. The room lighting is optimal and smoothly dimmable, creating a pleasant working atmosphere. Thanks to the projected touchpad, meeting content can be shared on any desired tabletop surface, easily operated with natural touch interaction.

The advantages of Lamp+

Lamp+ is the breakthrough solution that makes meetings a more productive and enjoyable experience. No more distractions and bad posture! With Lamp+ every meeting becomes a place of creativity, collaboration and efficiency. Dive into the future of meeting culture with Lamp+ and experience how this innovative solution is changing the way we communicate and collaborate.


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