Exposing meeting traps

It's the year 2022 and you are drowning in emails, stuck in dead-end meetings and constantly be interrupted. You start asking yourself “how can i manage?” Don't worry, you are not alone and we are here to help solve the pain. 

Flashbacks to the past

Meetings are as old as mankind, because strictly speaking, any form of gathering of people can be called a meeting. However, as long as meetings exist, they have been little improved. Apart from the fact that we now have a laptop in front of us and obediently stare at a presentation to the right or left at a 90° angle. This not only causes back pain, but also reduces the motivation of the participants. 

Bad Influences

We spend around 61 hours of work time in meetings per month. Of this amount, we waste about 50% of the time through inefficiency, which adds up to more than 30 hours each month. This significant loss of time is primarily due to following influences:

How to upgrade your meeting

Many factors have an impact on the quality of meetings. Therefore, we should try to avoid negative factors and if possible replace them through positive factors. For instance, interactions are very effective in improving a meeting. They not only lighten up a meeting, but also direct the participants' focus to the essentials. For this purpose we developed products like Lamp+ or Sky+. From a short game as an introduction, to ultra-fast screensharing of the latest trades, or used in customer consulting - ABUSIZZ not only centers on interaction, it also addresses user needs. 

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