Which subscription suits you?

Choosing the right software can often be overwhelming in a business world where every detail counts. Especially when that software has the potential to revolutionize the way you run meetings. With Lamp+ and MonteRosaOS we give you the tools to take meetings to a whole new level. But which subscription is really right for you?

The classic
You appreciate simplicity, but still want to take advantage of the latest technology? With MonteRosaOS Essential you will receive the basic package that allows you to start efficient and revolutionary meetings. It is the ideal solution to fully exploit the power of Lamp+ in your business without getting lost in too many details.

The advanced
Are you always looking for that certain extra that gives your meetings the decisive advantage? MonteRosaOS Pro offers you deeper insights and advanced features. It is the choice for those who want more and want to redefine meetings in Switzerland.

The individualist
You don't just want a solution, but a tailor-made one? MonteRosaOS Tailored is not just a subscription. It's a promise. A promise that we'll listen carefully to what you need and provide you with software as unique as your business strategy and vision.


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