So every surface becomes interactive

Do you remember the fairy tale "Tischlein deck dich"? A table that unfolds its true power on a magical command. It's the same with Lamp+. Without magic, but with a touch of technology. With a gentle touch, Lamp+ transforms any table surface into a lively, interactive stage. Your finger, supported by MonteRosaOS, ignites this magic.

How touch works
You don't need to install any additional hardware in your desk. Everything comes from above, straight from Lamp+. Our patented Haptic Touch Technology™ uses 3D sensing to recognize your gestures and translates them into a natural and responsive experience.

Adaptation and Learning Curve
Lamp+ adapts to your hand and learns how you interact over time. It is therefore important to give the system some time at the beginning to optimally adapt to your needs.

The benefits of touch
Magic touch, the heart of Lamp+, makes our meeting devices blossom. This groundbreaking technology works on any surface and is specially designed for the needs of meetings. A translucent touchpad provides intuitive interaction, encouraging collaboration and keeping participants engaged. Studies show that even minor movements can boost creativity and attention. The touchpad thus makes every meeting more effective and goal-oriented.


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