Lamp+ data sheet


  • Height 33 cm, diameter 22 cm, weight 7 kg
  • Distance lens to table surface: 95 cm
  • Projection area: 70 x 40 cm 
  • Minimum table size: 100 x 70 cm (space requirements)
  • Operating system: ABUSIZZ Monte Rosa OS
  • ABUSIZZ® Haptic Touch Technology™
  • Projection: FullHD with 1400 ANSI lumens
  • Screen Sharing: Airplay, Chromecast, Miracast
  • Audio: 360 degrees
  • Light direct: 500 lux on table surface / 4000 K 
  • Indirect light: 4000 K 
  • Light control external: DALI
  • Power consumption: 200W (230VAC 50Hz)
  • Network: LAN / WIFI (network requirements)


The Lamp+ is electrically connected via a 5-wire power cable, L / N / PE (brown, blue, yellow) with constant current. The lighting function can be controlled via DALI protocol (gray, black) – on, off, dimming. The LAN connection takes place via a LAN connection on the ceiling. 


  • Scheme 1: One Lamp+ is enough to illuminate a table surface of 130cm x 130cm.
  • Scheme 2: For a table length of 130cm or more, at least two Lamp+ should be used.
  • Illuminance: is given in lux and is measured on the table surface. A guideline value of 500 lux must be adhered to for workplace lighting.


Power Button: Short press to turn on/off interactive projection. The start process takes approx. 40s, the LED lights up during the start process.

Light Button: Short press to turn on/off the light. Long press to dim.


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