Imagine it's a sunny Monday morning. The coffee cup is steaming next to the laptop, the first rays of sunshine are tickling your face,

In a world where the boundaries between digital brilliance and analog convenience are merging, Lamp+ offers companies a unique opportunity to

With the recent introduction of the Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking development in virtual and augmented reality, we are experiencing one

For masters of balancing between sketchpad and digital display. For us, the way you work counts. Your preference for Post-Its,

A small step into the media, a big leap for meeting culture: ABUSIZZ is among the innovative visionaries in the

Trade shows, conferences and business meetings are often unassuming spaces – until they are illuminated by innovation. Lamp+ turns any place into
A table that unfolds its true power on command. Without magic, but with a touch of technology. everything is coming

Imagine you are standing at the foot of a mountain, the Monte Rosa. The peaks are hidden in the fog. with solid

Installing Lamp+ is as easy as turning on the light. We attach great importance to the fact that the setup process