Trade shows, conferences and business meetings are often unassuming spaces – until they are illuminated by innovation. Lamp+ turns any place into
A table that unfolds its true power on command. Without magic, but with a touch of technology. everything is coming

Imagine you are standing at the foot of a mountain, the Monte Rosa. The peaks are hidden in the fog. with solid

Installing Lamp+ is as easy as turning on the light. We attach great importance to the fact that the setup process
Do you hate meetings that don't reach their full potential and waste valuable resources? We present you our solution for better ones
With Lamp+ and MonteRosaOS we give you the tools to take meetings to a whole new level
Love at first sight? With Lamp+, it could be just that. But if you're on your way to the altar
Elegance meets efficiency when Lamp+ comes into play. But what makes this marvel work? Our answer: MonteRosaOS.
Meetings are an integral part of business life, but all too often they become a place of distraction and unproductivity.