Apple Vision Pro is solitary. Lamp+ is communal.

With the recent unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking development in virtual and augmented reality, we are witnessing an exciting turn in the technology world: the return to projections, but now interactive. The days of staring into heavy black screens are soon to be behind us. Digitec recently tested the Apple Vision Pro and calls it a groundbreaking development in virtual and augmented reality, dubbing the headset "magical, but lonely."

From Solo to Collective: The Shift from Vision Pro to Lamp+
While Vision Pro offers an impressive solo experience, Lamp+ takes it a step further. We believe in the power of togetherness, in the magic of creating together—with interactive projection. Vision Pro creates individual experiences in isolated spaces, Lamp+ provides magical moments collectively. It's not just an alternative to traditional screen work but a bridge to shared interaction and collaboration. With Lamp+, the experience is communal. Whether it's about realizing creative projects, designing interactive meetings, or creating learning environments, Lamp+ promotes collaboration and exchange.

We believe it's not just about what you see, but also about whom you share it with. With Lamp+, it's about magic and community—a shared experience that transcends the boundaries between the digital and the analog world. In the business world, where time is precious and efficiency counts, Lamp+ brings a revolution in how we interact, present, and collaborate. In an era where digital transformation is not just desirable but necessary, Lamp+ leads the change. It's not merely a technological achievement; it's an invitation to rethink and reshape business processes.

The Future of Business Presentations: Lamp+
Imagine your next business presentation or team brainstorming session not taking place in front of a rigid, lifeless screen, but on a dynamic, interactive surface brought to life by Lamp+. With Lamp+, every surface in your meeting room becomes a potential focal point for creativity and collaboration. This experience, supported by the intuitive Haptic Touch Technology™ of MonteRosaOS, allows you and your team to develop and share ideas in ways that were previously impossible.

The Magic of Interaction
Furthermore, Lamp+ offers seamless integration into your existing business processes. With the ability to quickly adapt and learn from your interaction, Lamp+ quickly becomes an indispensable part of your team. The interactive surface not only promotes collaboration but also keeps participants engaged and motivated to actively contribute to the meeting. This leads to more productive sessions and more efficient decision-making. Lamp+ is the next step in the evolution of the business world, a step we take together.

Discover Lamp+ now in our online store and experience the future of business interaction.


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