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With Lamp+, we are focused on the human being. Lamp+ redefines business meetings: a transparent touchpad for intuitive interaction, your content quickly integrated and a professional meeting coach. All combined in a single device, floating in the room.

For efficient teams

Lamp+ combines technology and human interaction. That is why we have made it our mission to connect the digital and physical worlds with an ecosystem of connected tools that make meaningful face to face meetings possible again.

Our meeting devices maximise attention and engagement in meetings. MonteRosaOS apps help to focus on tasks and make meetings more efficient.

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Convincing customer consulting

More closings in face-to-face consultations? Our meeting devices support you in your consultation process. Interactions put the focus on your offer, strengthen customer loyalty, increase attention and ensure a natural flow of conversation during the meeting. 

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Do you hate meetings that don't reach their full potential and waste valuable resources? We present you our solution for better ones