The new age of banking

Co-working spaces, event zones and meeting modules are the answer to a new era of banking in the digital age.

A concept from a major Swiss bank received the prestigious award «red dot winner” of the Red Dot Design Awards in the Brands & Communication Design category. Over 40 branches have been equipped with state-of-the-art digital tools. In the meeting rooms, the Lamp+ supports customer advice and internal meetings. Sky+ ensures even more performance in the co-working spaces. Both products fit stylishly into the interior design. Functions of the MonteRosaOS support effective customer advice, where the customer journey does not have to end at the table.

The co-working spaces can be used by public, for example in the Flagship branch at Europaallee in Zurich.

Side fact: Zurich is an highly appealing place to do business for companies as well as for their employees. It is no coincidence that the Zurich economic area accounts for about 20% of the total value added and employment in Switzerland. ABUSIZZ products reflect Zurich's vibrant character and offer an innovative meeting place for creative minds.

Red Dot Design Award


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