Tailor-Made for your business

Lamp+ offers businesses a unique opportunity to transform their spaces and illuminate their brand in a world where the boundaries between digital brilliance and analogue comfort merge. Whether you are looking for a straightforward solution, aiming to elevate your branding to the next level, or seeking a customized customer consultation, Lamp+ seamlessly adapts to your needs. Dive with us into the three exciting ways our collaboration can open new horizons for your company.

Instant start – Lamp+ without setup
Plug, Play, Impress: Simply order Lamp+ online, provide the dimensions of your space, choose your subscription, and you are ready to transform your room. This option is ideal for businesses seeking immediate solutions without sacrificing individuality and quality. Lamp+ integrates seamlessly into your existing premises, ensuring an impressive experience – all without setup.

Personalized presence
For those who want more, Lamp+ goes a step further. By integrating your company logos, advertising content, and jingles, we create a fully personalized experience that places your brand at the center. This option allows for the seamless unification of Digital Signage and Corporate Identity (CI) with Lamp+, not only establishing a visual but also an emotional connection with your audience. Imagine your customers entering a space and being immediately surrounded by a world that reflects your brand – through customized content brought to life by Lamp+.

Individual customer advice
For companies looking for a deeper integration, Lamp+ offers the chance to develop a completely individual customer consultation. This path requires closer collaboration, where we think through every step of your Customer Journey together and design it digitally. Lamp+ becomes an interactive part of your consulting process, providing tailored solutions that are precisely aligned with your customers' needs and expectations. This comprehensive option opens new doors for personalized customer experiences and ensures that every interaction with your brand is unforgettable.

No matter which path you are on, Lamp+ is ready to illuminate your company and present your brand in a unique way. Start your journey with Lamp+ today, and discover how easy it can be to transform your spaces and build deep, meaningful connections with your audience.


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