Capture from MonteRosaOS

For masters of balancing between sketchpad and digital display. For us, the way you work counts. Your preference for Post-Its, carefully maintained customer files, giving advice on paper or signing with real ink. Lamp+ expands the digital world with your analogues. Finally.

Here is how it works
With “Capture” you choose between digital, analogue and merge your conditions for the desired capturing. MonteRosaOS records and automatically transfers your content into your meeting minutes, which you receive from Lamp+ at the end of each meeting. So that your ideas do not get lost.

Customer advice meets the digital era
Imagine capturing the essential moments - like the signature of an important customer, immortalized directly and digitally. Or the notes on a house building project that don't just stay on paper, but flow lively into your digital protocol. With Lamp+, product samples and SWOT analyzes become part of a dynamic, digital experience that blurs the boundaries between analog creativity and digital precision.

Analogue or digital meetings? Both!
Are you tired of your whiteboard notes just collecting dust on your phone after the meeting? Lamp+ opens the door to a new world of digital efficiency. Your creations are captured directly and integrated into the meeting minutes, seamlessly merging paper and pixels. MonteRosaOS, your new creative center, turns paper into a starting point for digital innovation. Share content of all kinds in your meetings and trust that everything important is recorded precisely and clearly in your meeting minutes.


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