MonteRosaOS Tailored

The pulse behind Lamp+: MonteRosaOS. Every business has different needs, so we've designed different subscription options to meet your specific needs.

MonteRosaOS Essential – Entering a world of more efficient meetings. Simple, yet so dynamic. The perfect companion for beginners and for those who are already familiar with other systems. It forms the solid foundation for everything that comes after.

MonteRosaOS Pro – When meetings should become works of art. Clarity meets deep insights. A benchmark of efficiency for those who want to go beyond the basics and expect more. Curious?

Both versions are seamlessly compatible with ABUSIZZ Lamp+ and ABUSIZZ Sky+, which makes the integration process incredibly easy.

Individual solution for your company
In a world shaped by standards, MonteRosaOS Tailored the luxury of personalization. Every company, every brand has individual needs. So why not have a system that is just as unique as your business processes? Here we design and create the ideal solution - tailor-made for your special meeting types and requirements.

Our customer, a well-known Swiss bank, already uses MonteRosaOS Tailored in over 40 locations. Lamp+ is not just a piece of technology, but also an essential element of their design concept, enriching both customer consultation and internal meetings. «The new age of banking» offers you deeper insights into this concept.


More Insights

Trade shows, conferences and business meetings are often unassuming spaces – until they are illuminated by innovation. Lamp+ turns any place into

A proactive culture of innovation and the people who support it are considered the key to actively shaping the future of a company. 

Imagine you are standing at the foot of a mountain, the Monte Rosa. The peaks are hidden in the fog. with solid