Any place can be a stage

There are places that immediately tell stories, and then there are places that only come to life with the right technology. Trade shows, conferences and business meetings are often unassuming spaces – until they are illuminated by innovation. Lamp+ transforms any location into an interactive experience, and with our «stand» this experience becomes even more mobile.

Trade fairs and events – a special environment
Trade fairs are showcases for innovation. They are a place to impress and stand out from the crowd. But they also bring their own logistical challenges. Setting up technology in particular can be a headache. But with Lamp+, this process becomes child's play.

Simple, elegant, efficient: the booth
Our new «stand» allows you to place Lamp+ anywhere, anytime. No complicated installation, no drilling, no stress. Simply set it up and let the magic of Lamp+ unfold. Because with Lamp+ you have all the necessary tools such as Easy Wifi or Content to go with you. That means you're not only prepared for impressive presentations, but also for a stable and reliable internet connection - an invaluable advantage at busy trade fairs.

Flexible and adaptable - just like your meetings
"Stand" is not only intended for trade fairs. Think workshops, training courses or impromptu pop-up events. Wherever you need Lamp+, «Stand» makes it possible. You don't have to give up Lamp+ just because you're moving. With "Stand" and you are always prepared for the next big meeting.


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