Our philosophy

The Abusizz phenomenon has a long tradition.

Around 10,000 years ago, mules and mercenaries sought shelter from the darkness of the night on the transport route near Schwarzsee above Zermatt (Switzerland). The evenings were long - social gatherings around the warming fire were, of course, part of it. 

Throughout history, this way of spending time together has been given a name: abusizz. In the local Zermatt families, this so-called abusizz became an integral part of the day. In today's everyday life, being together and exchanging ideas that way has become more rare.

Would you find the time to listen and understand what our ancestors have experienced?

In a time full of hustle and bustle and digital stimuli, the values of "face-to-face" culture are becoming increasingly important. Don't we secretly all want to experience that Abusizz feeling again?