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No, Screenshare is possible without additional apps on all Apple, Samsung and Windows devices. Further information

Yes, this function is supported by devices with Miracast Screenshare Protocol (Windows).

No, a stable internet connection is required. Further information.

MonteRosaOS updates are installed regularly and run in the background.

Technical specifications

No, our devices are compatible with most tables. Projection looks best on matte, bright surfaces. Further information  

The projection size depends on the distance from Lamp+ or Sky+ to the table surface. We recommend a distance of 95 cm.

Yes, Lamp+ and Sky+ can be connected to the internet via WiFi or LAN. Further information

Yes, the light function of Lamp+ and Sky+ is infinitely dimmable and can be controlled via Dali.

Yes, without additional apps and on all Apple, Samsung and Windows devices. Further information

The current material combinations can be found in the Store.

The projection brightness is 1400 ANSI lumen. This is sufficient for meetings in daylight.


First the ceiling is prepared: Preparation Lamp+. Then the installation takes place: Installation instructions Lamp+. Alternatively, we offer one installation service .

First the ceiling is prepared: Preparation Sky+.In order to successfully install Sky+ we offer an Installation services .

Lamp+ can be used mobile with the accessory Stand. You can find more information in this Article.

Contact us to get more information.

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