Lamp+ installation

Installing Lamp+ is as easy as turning on the light. We attach great importance to making the setup process smooth and uncomplicated. Let's take a look at the most important requirements to easily mount Lamp+.

space requirements
Before we start, we need some information about the room and the installation environment. Don't worry, it's very straightforward and helps ensure that each of our devices fits perfectly into your environment. And by the way: Sunlight can affect the projection, so we recommend light sunscreen to avoid glare.

Now let's take a look at the details - specifically the tables and the ceiling height. If you are contemplating a centrally mounted installation, you will need a rectangular table that is at least 100 x 70 cm or a circular table that is at least 122 cm in diameter. It is best to choose matte, light-colored surfaces for the best performance. Glossy surfaces could affect performance.

For Lamp+ we recommend a room height of at least 210 cm to have enough space. However, it should not be more than 600 cm. If you still want to go to dizzying heights, we have the solution ready: Lamp+ with the Stand. Alternatively, you can Sky+ available, which can reach an impressive 800 cm in height. Too much info? Here you can easily calculate your room information.

ceiling preparation
Since the ceiling preparation has to be carried out individually, we depend on your help, even if you want our installation service. We recommend that you have this step carried out by a specialist (ceiling installer and electrician). Important in advance: The ceiling must withstand a point load of 20 kg. We have a short instructional video for the implementation here prepared.

  • 230V power cable (200W consumption) via a 5-core power cable (Brown, Blue, Yellow) with constant power supply
  • Light control via the DALI protocol (grey, black)
  • Optional network cable (Recommended)

Installation in 5 steps
Finally, you have two options to choose from. Either you use our professional installation service or follow ours Step-by-step video. With just five straightforward steps, installation is as easy as attaching a traditional lamp.


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