Showcase Microlino

A proactive culture of innovation and the people who support it are considered the key to actively shaping the future of a company. 

Our world is entertained, storyfied, automated and we are constantly connected - everywhere. Customers' expectations are becoming ever more demanding as a result of digitalization and globalization, and it is becoming essential, especially in times like these, to refocus attention on what entertainment can achieve. In the context of increasing media overload, the focus is shifting to mindful communication. 

"If you do something the way you've been doing it for the last 10 years, chances are big that you're doing it wrong."

Charles Ketting

In the early days of digitalization, the focus was placed on virtual customer environments. Whether via websites, social media channels or online product configurators - customer acquisition and retention are now mainly taking place online, while the in-person customer journey is being forgotten. Particularly the configurators are getting better and better, increasingly creative, and are now so effective that they make on-site customer consultation almost superfluous. But every successful salesperson is aware that good on-site advice leads to more successful business. To give this personal consultation back the right portion of innovation, ABUSIZZ has developed meeting devices. 

Showcase «Microlino»

On a daily basis, we test the latest online content created with Lamp+. We are always enthusiastic about the great web presences in connection with Lamp+! Products and content are presented in a playful, varied and accurate way. Above all, the previously unexploited potential of online configurators has become visible. In combination with the MonteRosaOS features, which are already included in Lamp+, this results in excellence in personal consulting. We would like to share this simple upgrade possibility with you and have shot a showcase with the recently launched configurator of "Microlino". See for yourself!

The best thing about it: Your configurator can also be used directly as a basis!


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