Installation services

For installations carried out by the ABUSIZZ team, please note the following steps. Thank you for your support in helping us plan a smooth installation. 

1. Capture space

First we need some information about the room or the installation situation. Record the information per device (Lamp+ / Lamp slim / Sky+).

Please check that the installation situation meets our requirements:

Capture now

2. Prepare the blanket

Since the ceiling preparation must be carried out individually, we depend on your help. Here we will show you how to prepare the ceiling correctly. 

We recommend having this step carried out by a specialist (ceiling fitter and electrician).

3. We will get in touch with you

We will contact you three days before the installation date. Then we need photos of the ceiling preparation (point 2) and one Speedtest of the Internet connection at the installation location so that a problem-free installation is possible.  


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