Sky+ ceiling preparation

Scope of delivery mounting kit

4 x mounting sleeves per Sky+
1 x ceiling template for mounting points and access lines

Step 1

On the ceiling of the Sky+ installation site, the 4 mounting points and access for all connections must be marked using the ceiling template (Download) can be drawn.

step 2

Mount the 4 mounting sleeves so that they are positioned at the 4 points on the template.

  • The substructure for the suspended ceiling must be prepared so that there is a point load of 25kg per mounting point is guaranteed.
  • The 4 mounting sleeves are screwed onto the ceiling from below (see ceiling template) 
  • The mounting sleeves must be installed so that they do not rotate

step 3

Prepare a ø3cm hole at the marked point for access to the cables (see ceiling template)

Step 4

Must come out of the prepared hole in the ceiling 1 x power cable with plug C13 (black cable) and 1 x RJ45 network cable (black cable) and up to approx. 1.5m above ground stand out.

  • Power connection with permanent power 230V (consumption 400W). Here's the link data sheet.
  • Network connection (Network requirements)
  • For visually appealing cable routing, we recommend a cable hose

Checklist before device assembly

  1. Mounting sleeves installed correctly
  2. Connections (C13 cable, RJ45 cable) available 
  3. Internet works – Network requirements

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