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In MonteRosaOS On the device The AZ ID is located

Focus projection Recalibrate touch

Multiple devices can connect at the same time and therefore have content

ABUSIZZ Haptic Touch Technology™ is optimized for extended gestures

Our products can be combined with the existing ones with just a few clicks

Technical specifications

Requirement to connect our product to the Internet Specification Internet Access Im

Ambient light table surface Calculate room heights distance to ceiling Product: Lamp+Sky+ table height

Specifications Connections The electrical connection of the Lamp slim is made via

Specifications Connections The electrical connection of the Lamp+ is via a 5-wire

Specifications Connections The Sky+'s electrical connection is via a C13

ABUSIZZ customers value innovative, simple and very user-friendly products. For this reason

Version 2.3.0 26.03.2024 NEW – EXTENSION [APP] Extended interactive PDF


Electrical connections Important: The ceiling must be able to withstand a point load of 20

Scope of delivery mounting kit 4 x mounting sleeves per sky+1 x ceiling template for

For installations carried out by the ABUSIZZ team, please note