The power of face to face

We all know that creative spark, spontaneous encounter, or persuasive personality that arises in a physical setting. And we all notice how much less often these things happen via Zoom and Co.

valuable communication

MIT's Human Dynamics Lab conducted a comprehensive study of the effectiveness of communication using a variety of data, from tone of voice to body language. The results show: the most valuable communication takes place in person. Teams with face-to-face interactions perform 35% better than teams that lack physical contact.

8 out of 10 executives prefer face-to-face meetings to virtual contact.

The Washington Post

Why is a personal meeting better?

The amount of non-verbal information available to participants in a meeting provides answers. Body language plays a big part in this – how people sit and stand, how they use their hands and move their heads, and anything else that provides visual cues to others. Of course, it's not just the speaker's body language that matters; we can also learn a lot from the audience's facial expressions and sitting position.

Nonverbal communication

Emotions—people's feelings, physiological changes, and expressive behaviors—are another nonverbal source of information. Emotions are expressed in part through body language, but also through facial expressions, tone of voice, and volume (we can detect emotions on a phone call even when the other person is invisible). Emotions also provide information and draw attention. After all, access to non-verbal cues is what sets face-to-face meetings apart. The key point, however, is that nonverbal cues and the complexity of the interaction influence each other. ABUSIZZ products are based on this knowledge and provide targeted support for face-to-face meetings so that they become even more inspiring and efficient.

Sources: Forbes, The Washington Post


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