Stand out from the crowd!

In today's digital age, it is increasingly important to stand out from the crowd. For a prospective customer to decide in favor of provider A instead of provider B, added value is often brought into play. Airlines offer extra legroom, car rental companies extra mileage, and a well-known nut nougat manufacturer 20% extra in the jar.

Impress leads to success

Offering added value should be about more than just influencing short-term purchase decisions. A sustainable value-add strategy for your customers will improve customer loyalty and strengthen your brand image. The permanent provision of added value will be remembered and strengthen customer confidence in what your company offers. Customers who feel they are getting quality value are more willing to close a deal, turn into loyal customers and share the positive experience with others.

Adding more value to consulting

While providers of physical products usually find it quite simple to offer an additional bonus along the lines of "buy 5, pay 4," providers of services and consulting need to find alternative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. But what could providers of consulting services offer as added value that goes further than free coffee and cookies?

Raise the bar

Add value to your customers by providing excellence in consulting. Besides the advisor's politeness and expertise, the quality of the entire "customer journey" is very important. So far, there have been few innovations in this area in the past. A lot of effort has been put into the psychological and rhetorical training of consultants without increasing the added value for the customer. So it's time to offer customers a consulting experience they will not soon forget. How about throwing the old forms of presentation overboard and showing that your company can also present with added value?

How modern presentation works

For many companies, presenting in a modern way means replacing the canvas with a screen. But today's modern technology offers incredibly exciting possibilities to design the consultation uniquely and to leave a lasting impression on the customer. Abusizz invents Lamp+ for this: a combination of three different products. A projected, interactive touchpad, individual room lighting and clear sound. Connected in a single device, floating in space. Developed for added value in customer service.

ABUSIZZ products offer super-fast screen sharing, interactive projections in an elegant, timeless design. This makes it easier for you to share and create content. Whether in a meeting or when consulting customers, ABUSIZZ products fit in seamlessly. The power behind the interactive projection is MonteRosaOS which is included with the Lamp+ and Sky+. New updates run automatically in the background, so you can start your meeting on time.


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