Why you should start using Sensory Marketing!

Sensory marketing appeals directly to all five of your senses to enhance your experience and boost your feelings towards the brand. You've likely experienced companies targeting your sense of sight, sound or feel at a discrete, unaware level. For example, the orange juice squeezer at the entrance of a supermarket makes food appear fresher; heavy packaging or elegant scents at a hotel lobby give the product or location a more high-end feel. Sensory marketing impacts our perception and can therefore enhance customer trust.

Small effects, big impact
Sensor marketing is not simply about selling something to consumers, rather it is about helping consumers to decide more easily and creating an ambience of comfort. Good sensory marketing should therefore make people continuously happy and not directly aim to sell.

Factors to Bear in Mind
However, there are some aspects that should be considered in sensory marketing: Inspire but don't force customers to buy, use the unexpected for amazement, influence the senses and appeal to emotions, and create a world of its own that fits your customers' lifestyles.

How to Sensory Marketing!
Figure out how you can get your customers excited about your products or services. Which senses can you appeal to? A solution for this is Lamp+ from Abusizz. It enhances interaction through touch technology and adds additional stimuli to the customer journey through sound elements. "Hear, feel and see" is our credo. Watch a sample journey of Lamp+ in our short clip below.


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